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Multi-User World Developers - Tools and Technologies

Lyra Studios Specialist in the development of online MMOG technology
ParallelGraphics Fantastic intergrated suite of VRML tools for Web 3D - Browser, Builder etc.
Worlds.Com Worlds Chat Gold - Incredible 3D Chat, dancing avatars, cool worlds
Active Worlds Alphaworld
Blaxxun Interactve Products for building 3D interactive communities
VS.Sony Virtual society on the web
SmartVr Realtime 3D communications and collaboration solutions
VNet VNet Multi-user VR system
Geometrek The Matrix System multi-user VRML system
Vscape Immersive 3D environments
Sense8 Real-time interactive 3D developement tools
Multigen Games development tools and technologies

VRML /  Web 3D Sites

Web3D Consortium All aspects of 3D Technologies on the net
About.com 'Focus on web 3D'. Lots of  links, articles, info etc.
Cosmosoftware Cosmo Worlds 2.0, Cosmo player
3DSite:VRML Vast list of VRML resources

3D Development Software

Newtek The excellent modeller, animator, renderer - Lightwave
Nichimen Real-time content creation tools
Discreet 3D Studio Max, Character Studio
Softimage The marvellous Softimage - modelling, animation, rendering
Hash Inc Home of Animation Master
Credo-Interactive Movement software for character animation - LifeForms, PowerMoves
Superscape Swerve  -  Interactive 3D for wireless devices
WOOZlab A new 3D user Interface for websites
Micronet Co Developers of 3D Atelier IT - 3D animation software
Cinema4D UK home of the award-winning CINEMA 4D
Haptek Inc 3D Character development tools

3D Sites

SMW-Enterprise Publisher and Design Company of uniquely ornamented, high-resolution textures
3DCorum French computer graphic studio, multimedia and 3D department of IGTECH.
3DTotal Fantastic 3D community network
Flay.com News and resources for 3D content creators

3D Object Translation Software

Polytrans 3D translation software

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