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Real-Time Vis/Sim and Multi-User 3D Virtual Realities

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This is a new area, we'll be updating it very soon. Mostly it will include screenshots of proposed, existing, possible and impossible virtual worlds, avatars and low polygon models suitable for vis/sim.

Low Polygon Real-Time 3D Environments And Avatars

Cyber Venice and The Garden
A glimpse into the future of 3D virtual environments and low polygon 3D avatars/characters

*Note: Created for a Worlds.com advertizing campagn

The Future of 3D Chat Worlds
Time for a virtual business meeting ?
Note: Approx 9000 visible polygons (tri)

X-Rated Multi-User Spaces ?
Note: Approx. 12500 visible polygons (tri) 8 Lights

Salsa Night at Bar Sympatico

Low Polygon Real-Time Models For Vis/Sim

Dawn Mobilization (Real-Time)
Military vis/sim
Army Truck polygons (tri) - 488
Ling Temco Vought polygons (tri) - 1171
f16 polygons (tri) - 860
Available soon

Game Characters / Avatars - Portrait Gallery

Elfin Warrior

Flesh Clown
Priestess of Mischief

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