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Product FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Avatar?

In Hindu mythology an Avatar is the incarnation of a God on Earth, his or her physical manifestation. Likewise 3D Avatars are your manifestation in cyberspace (3D multi-user environments).

How can I use Geo-metricks 3D models?

Geo-metricks 3D characters have many uses e.g. as digital actors for Web3D animation, advertising or film, virtual humans for architectural visualizations, computer games characters and last but not least, as avatars, to populate your 3D multi-user environments.

Which file formats do you support?

Currently we only support   .3ds. There are several excellent object translation software packages available (e.g. polytrans, interchange).

Do the models come with texture maps applied?

Texture maps are included and applied when specified. Colours have been attributed to individual surface names when no texture maps are included

Are bones and kinematic set-up included?

Bones and Kinematic set-ups are not included unless specified. Most user's develop their own methods and techniques when animating 3D character models, depending on the feature set and tools of their particular software. All models are supplied in the neutral position, poses are not included.

How do you deliver the models?

Geo-metricks 3D model kits are currently available via FTP and E-mail.

Do you support the VRML H-Anim standard?

No, right now we supply all models in .3ds format. However, 'parent/child linking and pivot points/axis of rotation have been set which makes conversion to H-Anim a lot easier

What 3D modeling software do you use?

Currently we predominantly use Lightwave 3D and 3D Studio Max, although we're always experimenting and looking at other products.


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