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Geo-metricks 24 Urban Cars
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This is one of the first 'NEW SPEC' products to be released. A totally amazing collection of cars, super low polycount and 256x256 image resolution used and they still look brilliant. This collection includes 24, 'really realtime', low polygon 3D cars.  Just what you need when working on large scale, real-time environments.
Not available separately
Formats : Geometry - .3ds .w3d
Patchwork Texture Maps - .jpg
On-Line Product : Electronic Delivery (e-mail)
Special Offer Only : $99.95

See Screenshot

Features :
* All cars are texture mapped and ready to go
* Includes 256x256 single, patchwork texture map for each 3D car
* Approx. 400 - 600 polygons per car
* Less than $5.00 per car
* These models are 'Really Realtime' - New spec, new standards
* Essential for fast development of real-time urban environments
* The only cost effective solution for realtime cars
* 3D Studio MAX compatible
* File formats included - .3ds .w3d
Examples of some of the patchwork texture maps (skins) included

Please click the names below to see large images of the cars included


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24 Urban Cars


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