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A large set of more than 101 low polygon, historical 3D models. Everything from Castles and Ruins to Medieval houses, a whole load of Roman stuff, plus the Wild West and more. Great for creating fantasy landscapes, just what you need when working on large scale, real-time environments.
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* Lots of different historical building styles - Geogian, Regent, Roman, Wild West, Medieval
* Essential for fast development of real-time landscapes
* More than 101 low polygon, historical structures
* Dramatically reduce the time it takes to develop your 3D environments
* Ideal for multi-user virtual realities and creating backdrops and skylines
* Includes all the models in the Ruins section
* includes all the Wild West Models in the Leisure/City/Urban section
* Includes all the models in the Historical Structures section
* Includes all the models in the Historical Props section
Please see images below for examples
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101 Structures : Historical strhs1 .3ds 1783KB


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