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Established February 1997
Based in the U.K. Geo-metricks is a privately held company committed to building low polygon 3D models suitable for real-time applications

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Mission - Focus

3D Virtual Hollywood Prop Department
Our current focus is to provide a complete, comprehensive resource of low polygon, real-time 3D models - the virtual 3D equivalent of a Hollywood prop department, enabling our customer's to quickly and easily build Virtual Realities (Web 3D), visualizations and simulations, that won't break the budget - polygon or financial.
Long term we are committed to producing the coolest, wierdest, most realistic virtual actors, creatures and lifeforms that will walk,crawl, slither and fly through Cyberspace.

Future - Sight

In less than 10 years, on-line shared 3D environments will rival TV and Cinema. This is inevitable.
Multi-User 3D spaces of the future (Cyberspace) enable community and communication.

1. Imagine your favourite book as a living 3D world with real human inhabitants as well as AI bots
2. Multi-User, Virtual Soap Opera - sounds like a big money spinner!
3. Remote Distant Learning in 3D - "now children, stand right on the edge of the volcano while I tell you all about lava"
4. Live theatrical and musical performances in shared 3D spaces - world wide audience
5. Groups, communities and societies will have their own on-line worlds
6. Corporate worlds
7. Restricted Adult Worlds - Gambling and Sex
8. 3D Chat Worlds - Dating, romance, friendship
9. Public 3D Spaces - shopping
10. Cartoon Worlds - 3D worlds for children
11. Surreal artistic worlds
12. Games - Last but not least, gigantic persistent 3D gaming worlds

The first phase of 3D Virtual Reality (Cyberspace), over the next few decades will duplicate reality - the good and the bad, the healthy and the unhealthy. It will be dangerous, it will be a learning experience, it will be compelling - it will be just like the real world and more, much more. And let's not forget Haptic feedback devices, laser retinal injection systems etc., to really get that being there feeling.
In the future 3D Virtual Worlds will be sold like Hollywood films - 'A Branded Product'. The film will just be an advert for the 3D World - Go there, live it, buy the t-shirt.

The First Great Migration

Several recent surveys estimate that 2D text chat on the internet currently accounts for up to 15%-20% of all internet activity - that's approx 10-20 million chatters. When will the first great migration take place - the migration from 2D text chat to full-blown Multi-User 3D worlds ?


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